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Programs and follow-ups

Programme de massages bien-être avec des séances adaptées en fonction des attentes et des besoins du client

A program of relaxing and wellbeing massages adapted to your needs and your expectations according to your availability.

Regular massage sessions to take care of you.

Free your body and mind from nervous and physical tensions to regain your balance and be in harmony with yourself.

Moments of relaxation and well-being to help you feel better.

Programme de massage sportif adapté en fonction des activités sportives de chaque sportif, des massages de préparation et de récupération musculaire

A program of relaxing and decontracting segmental massages adapted to your sports practice.

Regular sessions of segmental massages, stretching, muscle preparation and recovery massages according to your activity, your needs and your expectations.

Regular sports massage allows better recovery, prevents injuries and improves your mental and physical performance.

Un programme de massages drainants et remodelants pour un corps en harmonie avec soi

A program of relaxing, draining and detoxifying massages using draining and remodeling massage techniques

A slimming and relaxing ritual to be in harmony with your body:

  •   draining and detoxifying massage sessions

  • a massage oil composed of a set of essential and vegetable oils which provide a draining, purifying, fat-burning and slimming effect.

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