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The Tui Na massage is an energy harmonization treatment, an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine as

Xi Gong, acunpunture, pharmacopoeia and dietetics.

According to the principles of TCM, the energy must respect the balance between Yin and Yang as well as the universal law of the 5 elements.

This energy circulates in our body through the meridians and must respect a balance to maintain our good health.

Techniques and Benefits

The combination of passive and active movements as well as the pressure exerted on certain points located along the meridians, release the energy flows and restore their good circulation in our body.

Tui Na massage

  • Revitalizes the body

  • Releases tensions and treats blockages

  • Soothes and reduces stress

  • Promotes good sleep

This massage lasts 1 hour and is performed without oil

These effects can last for 3 days

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