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"Mana Maitai" massage

This massage is a personalized treatment focused on your needs and expectations, a personalized well-being massage.

After a short interview to refine your request, I will compose a tailor-made massage adapting my gestures and the techniques of the teachings I received. Polynesian, abhyanga, Balinese, sarawak, Chinese, deep-tissue, Californian and Swedish massage ...

The vegetable and essential oils used will be chosen according to your skin type, your physical and emotional health.

Rhythm-ed by intention, intuition and attention, this massage is a real journey towards "Well-being", a pure moment of relaxation.

Massage relaxant-un soin de massage personnalisé selon vos besoins et vos attentes, séances de massage à domicile dans les Alpes Maritimes, de Cannes à Monaco -Vence-Tourrettes sur loup-Saint paul de vence-La colle sur loup-Saint jeannet
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