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From the Pacific Islands,  in love with mountains, nature is essential for me.

Between land and sea, I take energy by hiking in forests, plains and summits, swimming in the fresh and cold waters of rivers and mountain lakes, in the sea ... Mediterranean.

Nature is part of us and we are part of it.

Rather wild, an authentic character, I have long sought my place without finding myself ....

Then, the various trips, meetings and experiences I have been able to live allowed me to find my way and understand who I am.

In harmony with myself and in close relation with nature, I transmit this energy through massage.

praticienne en massage dans son moment de reconnection avec la nature face aux montagnes

In short

It is instinctively and naturally that I started the massage then an awareness, the encouragement of people around me and a positive energy pushed me to go further.
My training started at Saint Paul de vence with the massage therapist of the Art of massage, that experience comforted and convinced me, it was my path.

So I continued my learning path at the Hypotenuse Institute School of Eric Darves Bornoz to learn the trade and obtain the title of Well-Being Massage therapist

Diplome praticien en massages de bien-être par l'institut Hypoténuse

My values

The massage is a sharing of energy, a respect for the other in his integrity, and it is a real pleasure to share my energy in the wellness and the beneficence.

The balance and harmony of energies, the elements of nature being for me essential in our life,

I practice massage with intention, attention and intuition.

I choose massage oils carefully to suited your needs. All massage oils are of 1st quality, guaranteed by suppliers 100% vegetable, natural, certified organic without parabens, not tested on animals and have not undergone any chemical treatment.

All massage oils are   1st quality, guaranteed by suppliers
100% vegan, natural, certified organic without parabens, not tested on animals and have not undergone any chemical treatment

paysages de differentes randonnées et couchers de soleil des Alpes-Maritimes
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