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This massage is recommended before and after intense sports activities in order to prepare your body for physical exertion, optimize warm-up and allow better recovery.

An essential asset for practitioners of regular or intense sports activity, this massage improves your performance by making you enjoy a moment of relaxation and total relaxation.

Massage du sportif et Suivi du sportif-Massage de préparation et récupération musculaire pour de meilleures performance sportive- Suivi du sportif par une praticienne en massage - Massages segmentaires - séances de massage à domicile dans les Alpes Maritimes, de Cannes à Monaco -Vence-Tourrettes sur loup-Saint paul de vence-La colle sur loup-Saint jeannet- Nice -Mougins - Valbonne

Techniques and Benefits

Segmental massage of stressed muscles

with a combination of different European techniques (deep-tissue, Swedish and Californian)

Deep movements of smoothing, kneading, pressure, rotation, friction and percussion

Outdoor massage

  • Stimulates the nervous system

  • Softens and tones muscles

  • Eliminates toxins

  • Regulates and promotes blood circulation

  • Promotes recovery

  • Prevents strains and stiffness

  • Soothes and reduces stress

Segmental massage sessions on demand or follow-up of the athlete

Témoignages de sportifs

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